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Some People

Man some people think I'm Super Man. They expect me to leap tall buildings and all that jazz. Sorry its me no super powers and at best average athletic skills. Man you better call somebody else. I know you needed me today but I am not gonna make a fool of myself trying to win this thing. I know people have told you I'm good and I am but not that good. Yes I'm afraid to say I do not live up to the hype. Sorry but its a disappointment even I have to live with.

Old School Vs, New School.

  I'm from the old school and by that I mean a school that is old. If you know the school I'm referring to you are probably from the old school too. Now if I was an old schooler and I new that the new schoolers where gonna be moving in I would have laughed. What a joke are the kids from this new school. They say kids today are smarter but that's not true cause when your an old school schooled person you know its not that there smarter its just what they teach you and I was taught that no matter what never be stupid. Now I wasn't ever stupid but alot of kids where. Mostly kids from the new school. There on drugs there getting pregnant younger and younger and they spend the whole day texting and sexting .Now that to me is pretty dumb. Not the sexting that sounds fun but the part that's dumb is hmmmm... lets see. Man now I'm pissed! These lucky little bastards.

Sobrierty Check Point

A place you can write articles and comments. Please check your sobriety at the door. If your F'd up and wanna share please share here. Here I am writing this article and I realize I'm not wasted myself. Damn leave it to True* to break his own cardinal rule.

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