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Walking with God Tags: Walking with God

When I walk I walk with the lord or rather he walks with me. So I said "lord where we walking to?" He said "we'll know when we get there son." Now I don't care but should I trust the lord?

The Dark Forest Tags: The Dark Forest

Once upon a time in  dark forest lived a King. The King of the dark forest. He was a good King but he liked things very dark. One day things got so dark the humble people could not see. They begged the King to return light to the forest however he would not. In despair the people called upon the one person they thought could overthrow the King and return the light. The humble merchant named Merchant. Being a merchant Merchant's life depended on the light so he knew what he had to do. He grabbed his trusty sword and headed off in the direction of the Kings castle. Once he came upon the castle he scaled the 160 foot wall and silently sneaked into the kings quarters. "Yes" yelled the King as he spotted Merchant lunging towards him. "Restore all the light." Yelled Merchant. "Never" said the King of the dark forest. "Then I will behead you" yelled Merchant. "Behead me indeed" yelled the King. Once Merchant had the Kings head cut off all light returned. The moral of this story is don't get burned.

Time Warp Parody

Lets look to tomorrow and tomorrow we'll look to today. When where all done looking we'll wonder what day was which cause looking to another day from another day I'm pretty sure can cause those days to switch and switching days is serious business. It can cause a time warp parody when you do so be careful. However if you do cause a time warp parody there is only one way to stop it. You need a ouija board a watch and the gumption to do this. What you do is stand on your head and have some body place the ouija board on your feet and time yourself while communicating with the dead. If you have at least a three hour conversation with a dead person they can tell you how to stop it. Got to be at least three hours as it is a lot of information. You must also be alone during the conversation. Like I said its a lot of information so you need to take notes. If you fall off your head during the conversation you have to recontact the spirit. It can not be another spirit must be the very same spirit.

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