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post dramtic syndrome

I know some people with post dramtic syndrome. They are completely over dramtic after the occurance of anything ordinary or unordinary. They look at themselves and they think at all times they are the center of attention. Like they and they alone are the only thing in the universe that really makes a diffrence. Its because of these people that I want to draw attention to the rest of us who are widely over looked. We look at people that have post dramtic syndrome and expect that they are going to act rational. This is ridiculous. They will never be anything but over dramtic all of the time.

In a time of peace Tags: In a time of peace

In a time of peace thier should be peace and quiet. People making noise is cause for war. I can't stand noise and when people make noise I scream for all call to arm. I will kill all noise makers and bring an end to all peace as long as there is noise there will be peril. People who ask questions need to undersstand the reason they ask questions. Thier are to many motherfuckers asking aimless questions for no goddamn reason. They just need to know shit. It don't matter what the fuck they know as long as its something they can ask you about. My goddamn business is my goddamn business. i mind my business and you mind yours.

Problems are problems. Tags: Problems are problems.

Problems are problems but they can be solved. I can solve pretty much any problem with a very simple solution and it goes like this. If you have a problem look at it as if the problem is the answer to your prayers. Act like you are so happy to have the problem that your life has become greater than anybody's life who's around you. Then all the people around you will look at you and wonder why the fuck your so happy. When they find out it's because of the problem they will be like no way I'll fix this. Therefor fixing the problem and in most cases they will try to stop it from ever happening again.

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