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Don't Quit
Category: Funny

Today is the day. What happened was nuts to many people cheering for us We almost got home we where out straight and flat never damn caring if we ever looked back. When I was farther than I ever thought I would get I liked laughing about the part when I thought I would quit. If your a quitter and you know your unslow just keep on going you'll eventually get home.

Ride to share
Category: Funny

Yes sharing a ride that goes nowhere. The ride doesn't run but its still tons of fun. If you wanna go for a ride in an automobile that doesn't go call me ya know. I can take you nowhere like nobody else can. I'm the nobody else man with the broken down truck that just sits in one spot and its totally nuts. Once you been in it there's nothing quite like it unless you have sat in one spot for a very long time then you have never been in a truck quite like mine. I got room for a few more in this piece of junk truck and we can all ride together. Riders must chip in for gas. The going rate is 4 dollars a gallon and its a gallon every half hour if the truck moves or not. Which it doesn't.

Me, Myself and I
Category: Funny

Me, Myself, and I

    My favorite song is "Lose yourself in the lostness.
    My favorite movie is me taping me. I did it in the mirror and its truly exquisite
    Football and fantasy foozball.
Scared Of:
    People who attack other people.
Happiest When:
    I'm happy when your happy.
go crazy when
    when I find a penny in the street. I dance scream and jump for joy.
Also like to:
    watch the moon and howl.

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