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My Popularity

Damn am I popular. You wouldn't think so but you'd be wrong I'm the most popular guy I know. If you count chickens you would be a chicken counter. If your popular you would be as cool as me . Anyway why am I so popular? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....Must be the coolness of me. I mean seriously people love me. Come on you know you do. I'm hear for a reason,I am. and thats to be the most popular man. The whole reason for my being is being popular.I wasn't this popular in high school but hell high school sucked to much homework. To many other popular people. I hate competition. Now all I gotta do is compete with my wife and I'm winning! I'm winning.

My Funeral

About the hearse. I wanna pick out my hearse so everybody knows and also pick out my clothes. So everybody knows what I'll be driving in and what I'll be wearing. This may not seem important to you but I wanna know I'm gonna look good and be traveling in style. When you do go you only go once and for me once probably just isn't enough. You wanna be banging on that special day so bangingingly banged out peolple say "hey!". Is he dead or still happening man. Even when dead I'll have lots of fans. Come to my funeral if you want to see the most hipping'est, tripping'est, happening'est me.

Moneky Nuts

There once was a monkey. Well hell there was alot of monkies. All named monkey. not sure who the hell named them but it was somebody so I called them monkey as well. Anyway these monkys they where playing around and swinging from trees and monkey said to monkey. "Hey Monkey can you swing like these" he said pointing to the other ones nuts so that monkey shook his nuts too. While both monkeys where swinging there nuts a third monkey came and said you two stop with the nuts. Neither stopped. So the third monkey grabbed the two nuts and squeezed. Both monkies screamed and it was completely nuts.

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