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Category: Funny

This is a class on Gazooky. If you already know about Gazooky then you know this class is the number one class in the country. Anybody who wants to register for this class must somehow make me laugh. You must be hysterically funny as I don't laugh easy. Anybody that makes me laugh will be registered with a free pass to the class. In the class we will be chewing gum with a lot of talking. You will learn how to keep the gum from falling out of your mouth. Anybody who is an expert at talking while chewing is invited to become an instructor and congratulations on mastering the first half of Gazooky!

Changing The Future With The Present
Category: Funny

I look to the future and I come to the past. The past that dictates everything that happens in the future and can never be changed. Therefor one can only change the future in the present.

Computer Problems
Category: Funny

Got a mushed computer. Its all mashed up. If you know how to fix a computer that's been mashed and mushed please email me. Sorry I can't give more details but I'm using the mashed mushed computer to post this and its tough. If you have ever typed on a mashed mushed computer you know what I'm talking about. If not just picture mashed and mooshed potatoes all over the place there man. That is what this computer is. Anyway I can pay but not a lot I own a parking meter that doesn't pay that much. So pay is likely to be in change. Mostly quarters, dimes and nickels no pennies.

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