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Craigslist Is For Losers
Category: Funny

Craigslist is for losers. I believe in old time advertising. That is I stand outside of my house on the street corner ringing a cowbell and shouting at the neighbors. Its very successful marketing strategy people often buy my shit just to shut me up. I just feel on Craigslist its to easy to be ignored.

Coming To The End
Category: Funny

This is the end of the beginning. When the beginning ends you know its time to get moving. Your in the middle and the middle is where everything happens. Then after the middle comes the end. The end is the winding down. When you get to the end you will wish you where at the beginning or the middle any where but the end. The end is slow. A lot slower than the middle or end. You may find yourself wondering how the end got here so fast and now its going so slow. Once its over you will find yourself wishing you where still at the end. Not the end end though where you are the beginning of the end where you where before.

Close Minded
Category: Funny

People stay open hoping ya know that eventually that openess will help them all grow. Thats where I come in I'm so fucking closed and I don't wanna grow. Growing is slow believe me I know. I'd rather just be my close minded self.

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