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Breaking News ! China accuses US of 'weaponizing' extended Shanghai lockdown
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China has lashed out at the United States for ordering its consulate staff to leave the locked-down city of Shanghai, accusing officials of "weaponizing" the financial hub's failing attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19.

On Monday, the US State Department "ordered" the departure of non-emergency employees and their families from the city of 25 million "due to a surge in Covid-19 cases and the impact of restrictions related to (China's) response," according to a statement on its website.
The notice came just days after the State Department authorized the "voluntary departure" of staff from Shanghai. A travel advisory also urges Americans to "reconsider travel" to all of China, citing stringent Covid restrictions including "the risk of parents and children being separated."
China's most populous city has been laboring under a chaotic and uncompromising citywide lockdown for weeks, with many residents unable to access basic goods including food and medical care.

China's Foreign Ministry has notified the US it "firmly opposes" the consulate order, ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said in a news briefing on Tuesday.
"We express strong dissatisfaction with the politicization and weaponization of evacuations by the US," Zhao said, adding that the US was "smearing China."
Zhao also defended China's Covid prevention and control policies as "scientific and effective," insisting the government had "every confidence in bringing the new wave of Covid-19 under control" despite rising case numbers.
The financial hub reported more than 26,000 new locally transmitted cases on Monday, the sixth consecutive day over 20,000, according to China's National Health Commission (NHC). So far, more than 320,000 cases have been reported across 31 provinces -- including those in Shanghai -- since March 1.
Zhao's assertion stands in stark contrast to more somber messages from other Chinese officials, including the NHC deputy director Lei Zhenglong, who on Tuesday warned Shanghai's outbreak has "not been effectively contained."
He added that the outbreak had since spread to many provinces, and that the number of new infections is expected to remain high in the coming days.

Lockdown frustrations
Shanghai's lockdown has been mired in controversy and dysfunction since it was first introduced, seemingly with little warning, on March 29.
Public anger has been exacerbated by stories of parents being separated from their infected children, even toddlers, under Shanghai's rules on isolation, and of a pet corgi being killed by Covid prevention workers after its owner was placed into quarantine.
Videos circulating online show protests breaking out last week at a residential complex in southwestern Shanghai, with residents confronting police at the gate and shouting, "Give us supplies."
CNN was not able to independently verify the images or reach local authorities for comment.

Social media posts show rising desperation as well, with one recent video showing a mother begging for medication for her child from neighbors at midnight in Shanghai. "Do you have medicine for fever? My child has fever. Is anyone home? Excuse me, sorry to bother you! Everyone! Is anyone awake?" the mother can be heard crying in the video.
Since the start of pandemic, China has tightened rules around selling and buying fever medication, requiring a prescription and a negative Covid test.
CNN has geolocated the residential compound in the video to be in Shanghai, but could not independently verify the video and has not identified the mother involved.
In the past week, Shanghai's outbreak has spilled over to nearby cities including Hangzhou and Ningbo in Zhejiang province. Some nearby cities were put under lockdown, including Haining in Zhejiang, and Kunshan in Jiangsu province.
Meanwhile, the southern city of Guangzhou has reported dozens of cases since early April as well, prompting several rounds of mass testing and the closure of schools. Residents have been discouraged from leaving the city, and are required to present a negative PCR test if they want to leave.
On Monday, Shanghai officials began easing measures in neighborhoods that had not reported any positive cases in 14 days. However, authorities warned those residents should only be going out if necessary, get tested twice a week, and that lockdown would be re-imposed if any new cases were detected in the neighborhood. That still leaves the vast majority of the city's 25 million residents under lockdown.


NEWS WORLD Videos offer clues as to how Ukrainian forces are defending Kharkiv
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Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkiv, is believed to have been one of the invading Russian military's first strategic targets. Home to 1.4 million people, it is located less than 20 miles from the Russian border, in northeast Ukraine.

It was approached by Russian troops shortly after the invasion began last Thursday, but for three days, Ukrainian forces held the Russians at bay.
Then, on Sunday, Russian troops entered the city according to the region's governor, Oleh Synehubov.

What happened next offers clues to the fierce resistance Russian soldiers are meeting in Ukraine's towns and cities -- and to why they have not yet advanced as quickly as experts initially feared they would.
"The Armed Forces of Ukraine are eliminating the enemy," Synehubov reassured the residents of Kharkiv that day.
Videos uploaded to social media give a rare glimpse of the clashes on the city's streets.

One sequence of videos uploaded to social media show an attempt by a Russian unit to advance towards an important airfield and arms factory in the northeast of Kharkiv. The airfield, at the Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company, is small -- just a single runway -- but might be a useful bridgehead for the Russians.
CNN has geolocated and verified the authenticity of the videos.
The first video, taken by a resident, shows a convoy of Russian troops surrounding military vehicles, creeping along a roadway that ends near the airfield.

"There are two [military vehicles] as far as I can see," someone says in the video. "A third one is crawling through with infantry with automatic weapons, getting ready."
Suddenly, gunfire is heard and seen. A Russian soldier kneels quickly and fires a shoulder-launched rocket towards the area where the gunfire appears to be coming from.
A second video, taken after the firefight, shows the military vehicles reversing in an apparent retreat. The Russian troops are seen huddled behind their vehicles.

A Reuters journalist who went to the location after the firefight shot video showing one of the Russian vehicles from the military convoy abandoned and a significant amount of blood staining the snow on the ground nearby.
The Reuters journalist spoke with a resident, identified as Yevgeniy, who told them that at least one Russian soldier had been killed there.

"After we've killed this one the others run away," Yevgeniy told Reuters, pointing to a patch of blood in the snow. He tells the journalist there were between 12 and 15 people in the group.
"They won't take Kharkiv," he insists. "They have run back to where they came from. They don't have good navigation you see. Nothing works for them. They came and were hiding behind the houses."
The troops' efforts to retreat appear to have been stopped by another attack. A convoy of vehicles -- of the same type as those seen in the previous clips -- is seen on fire in another video.

"This is how we greet the b*tch Russian army," someone is heard shouting in the video. "Come here and blindfold him. And this will happen to anyone who comes to us here on Kharkiv soil."
It's not possible to say definitively that the Russian trucks seen on fire are the same as those filmed trying to reach the airport, but they are in the same location, are the same type, and bear the same markings.
Another video apparently taken later at the site of the abandoned military convoy -- the vehicles are no longer on fire -- shows Ukrainian troops engaging.


Amid the firefight, a Ukrainian soldier steps out from the wall and is seen firing a shoulder-launched rocket.
Watching the video, retired Gen. Mark Hertling, national security and military analyst for CNN, said the Ukrainian unit was equipped with rocket-propelled grenades.
"You see that force, that small squad there of about 10 guys, the guy up furthest away from us is repeatedly firing rocket-propelled grenades, he's fired by my count about five of them, he is handing off the launcher to another guy, they are reloading and he is ready to shoot again," he said.
"And everybody else, you look at the cool, calm, collected approach by these soldiers under fire, they're not afraid, they're ready to kick some butt," he added.
Later, another video shows Ukrainian troops around the convoy, appearing to rummage through the abandoned vehicles. Sporadic gunfire is heard and some Ukrainian forces move along a wall in the background.

Russian NHL star player Alex Ovechkin says, 'Please, no more war'
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During the early hours of Thursday, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, announced on television that he had decided “to carry out a special military operation” in Ukraine. Shortly afterwards, explosions were reported across the country but this is unlikely to devolve into World War lll as some have feared.



An analysis of the previous World Wars indicates that some of the precipitators of a global conflict are missing in this instance, even if the mad impulses that drove the world into a global warfare are still animating the hearts of men decades later.

Analysts cite the restraint of global powers employing sanctions rather than retaliatory action, the influence of NATO, the major powers’ capacity to cause nuclear destruction and the economic consequence of a global war as possible restraints.

“In the realm of possibility, there could be a miscalculation on the part of the actors that could lead to a broader war. You may not have a world war, but it could lead to Europe and interested parties engaged in prolonged skirmish,” notes Onyekachi Adekoya, a fellow of Nigeria Institute of Industrial Security.

“But really nobody wants war,” he says.

Unlike the last world war, the major powers are not rousing their parliaments to declare war on the aggressor.

Following Hitler’s invasion of Poland in September 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany. Both countries have earlier signed a pact guaranteeing military support to Poland. Even then, before Hitler could invade Poland, it had to make sure Russia would stay out of the fray, offering Russia a piece of Poland.

In this case, the United States, France, Germany, and Britain have not risen to defend Ukraine, they are offering cash and weapons while running out of ideas on new sanctions for Russia.

The economic sanctions are designed to hurt. It is targeting financial institutions, members of Russia’s governments and political class, assets and even the Nord Stream II gas pipeline. These include travel restrictions, asset freezes, constraining ability to access financial markets in the West and trade restrictions.

However, Russia has a buffer of $630 billion in foreign reserves, huge reserves of oil and gas, access to the Chinese market, the world’s second-largest economy, and is still selling weapons to India. Russia may yet be inured to the effect of sanctions.

Besides, “Putin is banking on sanctions equally affecting Western countries even more than it affects Russia,” says Eyo Ekpo, a former commissioner for NERC and global affairs commentator.

Some say Putin’s nostalgia for a new Soviet Empire is driving this incursion into Ukraine. Kurt Volker, former US representative for Ukraine negotiations, notes in an article for the Centre for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) that within 21 years in office, Putin has rebuilt the Russian military, modernised and expanded Russia’s nuclear arsenal, revived and expanded Russian intelligence services and activities, took control of Russian media outlets, consolidated state industries, and crippled political opposition to his United Russia party and made elections easily rigged.

Ekpo says Russia has been preparing for this for the past 20 years. He studied the behaviour of Western leaders very well and waited for until the only person that could stand up to him – Angela Markel – left the scene before he moved on to Ukraine.

Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Union stretched from the Baltic and Black seas to the Pacific Ocean and, in its final years, consisted of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics.

December 2021 makes it 30 years since the Soviet Union was dissolved and President Putin still bears a grudge. He once described that as “the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th Century.” He is deeply resentful that the Cold War ended with Moscow losing territory, influence, and an empire.

But Adekoya says the issues are more nuanced. Putin does not seek to occupy Ukraine. “The gambit may be to control the Black Sea as indicated by the regions it has carved out of Ukraine – Donetsk and Lugansk, and it does not want NATO on its door much like the US would not want Mexico in a military alliance with Russia,” he states.

Ikemesit Effiong, head of research at SBM Intelligence, an Afr

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Former President Jimmy Carter said Thursday that Russia's invasion of Ukraine violates international law and "threatens security" in Europe and around the globe, joining the other living former Presidents in condemning the Kremlin's attack on its neighbor.

"Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine using military and cyber weapons violates international law and the fundamental human rights of the Ukrainian people," Carter said in a statement posted on Twitter. "I condemn this unjust assault on the sovereignty of Ukraine that threatens security in Europe and the entire world, and I call on President Putin to halt all military action and restore peace."
The US and allies, the former President said, "must stand with the people of Ukraine in support of their right to peace, security, and self-determination."
Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine early Thursday, sending troops into the ex-Soviet nation from three fronts and firing missiles on several locations near the capital, Kyiv, in a broad attack that has drawn deep condemnation from world leaders. In the US, President Joe Biden unveiled harsh new sanctions meant to punish Moscow for its full-scale invasion, and his predecessors joined in castigating Russia's move.

Carter is widely revered as a US President who took a special interest in foreign policy and championed human rights. Speaking at the University of Notre Dame's 1977 commencement ceremony, Carter defined his outlook on foreign policy by saying: "Our policy is based on an historical vision of America's role. Our policy is derived from a larger view of global change. Our policy is rooted in our moral values, which never change. Our policy is reinforced by our material wealth and by our military power. Our policy is designed to serve mankind."
Former US Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton shared Carter's sentiments, condemning the invasion in their own statements on Thursday.
"The American government and people must stand in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as they seek freedom and the right to choose their own future. We cannot tolerate the authoritarian bullying and danger that Putin poses," Bush said in his statement.
Obama called for bipartisan support of Biden's sanctions, saying,"There may be some economic consequences to such sanctions, given Russia's significant role in world energy markets. But that's a price we should be willing to pay to take a stand on the side of freedom."
Clinton said that "the world will hold Russia and Russia alone accountable, both economically and politically, for its brazen violation of international law."
On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump called Russia's military operation in Ukraine "a very sad thing for the world" and claimed in a Fox interview that it wouldn't have happened during his administration. But speaking to a conservative radio show on Tuesday hosted by Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, Trump had hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin's dismembering of independent, democratic, sovereign Ukraine as an act of "genius."



Capital Cities of European Countries
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Lesser Well-realised European Resources You Do Not Intend To Overlook San Marino is one of various microstates in Europe, totally encompassed by its just nearby neighbour, Italy. The actual country imparts its name to its assets - and furthermore biggest - city, as well as having no coastline, it has a beautiful sight of the not-really far off Adriatic Sea from on Mount Titano. Underneath how to spend an astounding end of the week break in flawless San Marino. While London holds the particular distinction of being the subsidising of the entire UK, the Scottish financing of Edinburgh is no considerably less meriting your time all through your look at the UK. An antiquated capital from which lords and furthermore sovereigns administered the high countries for a really long time, Edinburgh Castle won't dishearten. Ljubljana came to be the capital of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia after World War II and after that turned into the assets of the recently evolved, autonomous Slovenia in 1991. Prague is the capital as well as the greatest city of the Czech Republic. With a populace of over 1.32 million in the capital city and furthermore 2.7 million in its metropolitan region, Prague is in like manner the thirteenth biggest city in the EU.

Capital Cities of European Countries

Pristina has the second-biggest Albanian-talking people in Europe behind Tirana, Albania. Pristina's principal place in the country makes it Kosovo monetary, monetary, political, and exchange office. Berlin is also the greatest city in Germany by people as well as area. There are 3.8 million individuals in the city as well as 6.1 million in the metropolitan region.

  • The European Resources of Sport is granted every year to a city with in excess of 500,000 individuals.
  • The air terminal lies 10 kilometres east from the office of the city and furthermore presented for air terminal transportation.
  • The city functions as the monetary, political, social, as well as logical centre point for Russia, drawing in its enormous people.
  • Maybe view the road markets along Portobello Road in Notting Hillside; find the ways of Hyde Park or the manors of neighbouring Belgravia; go to exhibition halls in South Kensington; or stroll along the imaginative South Bank.
  • These old metropolitan areas of Europe make the significant assets of urban communities of Europe and these have heaps of history that worries the huge critical powers all throughout the world.

What Is The Most Elevated State Capital?
Santa Clause Fe lies 2,100 m above ocean level, making it the most noteworthy state capital in the United States.
All the more recently, a record 5.8 million guests went to Leeuwarden in the Netherlands all through its 2018 residency, creating EUR300m. Another Balkan country, Lithuania looks like Estonia as well as Latvia- - all while being very surprising. The asset city Vilnius is a hip blend of present day as well as imaginative, providing you with a sensation of a genuine area feeling as you walk around town. You'll surely need to stroll through the Užupis people group as well as go to Halle Market- - among the most seasoned and biggest business sectors in Lithuania. Tantamount to Estonia as well as Latvia, Lithuania is also agreeable, savvy, as well as is by all accounts the most un-swarmed of the 3 Balkan urban communities. Riga is located on the Baltic Sea with the River Daugava going through.

Countries And Fundings Of Europe
Consequently, the Croatian city of Rijeka and furthermore the Irish city of Galway could go on with their merry projects till March 31. After that nothing was relied upon to occur until fruition of the year. No matter what your area, you can utilise our commonplace retreat value outline to look for incredible housing offers. Diminish this detail, and the overall expense of your excursion will absolutely be considerably short of what you could anticipate. Resort costs address a major part of many individuals' voyaging spending plans too as they can be a deciding component on whether one breezes up looking at a specific area.

Putin's use of crude language reveals a lot about his worldview
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Russian President Vladimir Putin set Russian media abuzz Tuesday following his news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The subject of Putin's remarks? The Minsk agreements, a ceasefire protocol signed by Ukraine and Russia in 2015, and whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky could abide by them. But it was Putin's coarse language, rather than the technical details of the truce that generated the most clicks in Russia.
"As for the Minsk agreements, are they alive and do they have any prospect or not?" Putin said. "I believe that there is simply no other alternative. I repeat once again, in Kyiv, they either say that they will comply, or they say that this will destroy their country. The incumbent president recently stated that he does not like a single point of these Minsk agreements. 'Like it or don't like it, it's your duty, my beauty.' They must be fulfilled. It won't work otherwise."

Once again, Putin has given the world a sense of his soul. The Kremlin leader's position on the Minsk agreement is not new. But his crude vernacular -- addressing Zelensky in condescending and gendered language -- left some Russian journalists wondering openly if the president was, in essence, making a crude joke.
Asked in a conference call with reporters if those remarks might be "hinting at a sexual subtext," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov gave an anodyne response. "The president meant that if a state committed to certain obligations, if there is a signature of the head of state [under them], then these commitments must be fulfilled," he said.
A reporter pressed further: Was Putin, perhaps, familiar with the work of a Russian-language folk-punk band that apparently had a line similar to Putin's in one of their songs? Peskov gave a firm no.

"I am quite convinced that Vladimir Putin is not familiar with the work of this group," he said. "And I suspect that perhaps at some point this group might have borrowed it [the line] from Russian folklore."

Folklore or not, the remark laid bare Putin's bullysome attitude toward Ukraine, which the president has made clear he doesn't see as a real country. And it was also reminder of a strain of unrepentant misogyny in both Putin's politics and his public remarks.
For starters, the talk about forcing a "beauty" lie back and take abuse is coming from the same person who, exactly five years ago, decriminalized forms of domestic violence.
Putin's trash talk pops again and again, and has reportedly included making light of rape.
The Russian leader's tough-guy talk is sometimes explained away as a sort of folksiness that is a performance for a domestic audience, but Putin's choice of verb терпеть in his remarks on Monday (to take it, or to endure) shows an ugly underlying sentiment about the role of women.
Asked about Putin's remarks, Zelensky reformulated the Russian leader's words in a language Putin would understand.

"Of course, there are some things we can't argue about with the president of the Russian Federation," Zelensky said. "Ukraine is a beauty. As far as 'my' is concerned, that's a slight overstatement."
Regarding the line about being dutiful and taking it, Zelensky added, "I think Ukraine is very patient. Because that's wisdom. I think that's important not just for Ukraine, but for all of Europe."
It's not the first time Putin has used such language. One of his most famous quotes dates back to 1999, when he was still prime minister, when he vowed to crush Chechen separatists, saying, "If they're on the toilet, we will waste them out in the outhouse."
The same applies to the current crisis. When he discards the diplomatic language, Putin speaks that we may see him.


Myanmar's coup leaders tried to crush resistance.
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After one year of military rule in Myanmar, millions of people are resisting a return to repression and isolation.

Last February, military leader Min Aung Hlaing seized control of Myanmar in a coup that upturned any hope the country of 55 million people would become a functioning democracy under former leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
After ordering a brutal crackdown on anti-coup protests, the junta chief and self-appointed Prime Minister is attempting to bring an unwilling population under his control, as problems plaguing the country become more acute.
Millions are unemployed, food and fuel prices are surging, poverty is rising, and the country's education, Covid-hit health care and banking sectors are verging on collapse, raising questions about what the takeover has achieved one year on.
"It is a failed coup," said Yanghee Lee, co-founder of the Special Advisory Group on Myanmar and former UN special rapporteur for human rights in the country. "The coup has not succeeded in the past year. And that is why they are taking even more drastic measures to finish out the coup."

Experts say the junta's attempts to gain full control are being frustrated by the Myanmar people as they carry out one of the biggest and most unified resistance movements the country has seen in its long history of democratic struggle against military rule.
On Tuesday, a "silent strike" is planned across the country to mark the anniversary, with residents urged to stay indoors and businesses to close their doors. The military has warned it will arrest those who protest under laws such as sedition and terrorism.
The junta says it is fighting terrorists, promising a return to peace, but resistance fighters say the junta is using increasingly brutal tactics to force compliance, suggesting the crisis is set to extend well into its second year.
CNN reached out to Myanmar's military spokesperson for comment on the allegations of mass killings and war crimes against civilians in this story but did not receive a response.
Military abuses 'amount to war crimes'
When tanks rolled into the capital, Naypyidaw, on February 1, 2021, many feared violence would follow. But few could have predicted the suffering, death and displacement of the past year.
More than 400,000 people have been displaced in fighting across the country since the coup, according to UN figures -- many of them fleeing across borders to India or Thailand, or forced to hide in the jungle.
Atrocities allegedly committed by troops include a massacre on Christmas Eve in Kayah state, also known as Karenni, where at least 35 bodies were found burned beyond recognition -- including two staff members with international aid group Save the Children. Another mass killing was reported in western Chin state in January, where 10 villagers were found, their bodies gagged and blindfolded, according to the Chin Human Rights Organization.
"They are killing, the brutality -- there is no rule of law," said a spokesman for the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), a coalition of armed resistance groups in Kayah state, who didn't want to be named for safety reasons.

Hotspot areas have emerged across the country, particularly in Myanmar's west and south, where local armed resistance groups and ethnic armies are waging battles against the military in a bid to defend their communities.
In mountainous Chin state, the town of Thantlang was the site of a months-long offensive by the junta. Over the course of three months from September, the town's entire population of more than 10,000 people was forced from their homes and at least 800 houses and structures were burnt, the Chin Human Rights Organization said.
The military has repeatedly blamed resistance forces for setting fire to villages and towns -- including Thantlang. "Chin terrorist groups had attacked the security forces first and had burned down the town themselves," the junta said in January.

But those in the state say the attacks are part of a scorched earth campaign of violence that the military has long used against ethnic people, most notably the alleged genocide that forced hundreds of thousands of Rohingya to flee Rakhine state in 2016 and 2017.
"They are designed to displace the population, wipe out the area so they have physical control and deprive the resistance of supplies,"said Salai Za Uk Ling, deputy director of the Chin Human Rights Organization.
"It's really an intentional forced displacement where they are trying to wipe out the population."
The former UN special rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar said the military's actions in areas such as Kayah, Chin, Kayin (Karen) states and Sagaing and Magway regions amount to "war crimes."
A stretched military
The military has labeled the resistance forces as "terrorist groups." In state media, it says it is using "the least force," is complying with "existing law and international norms" and is committed to establishing peace and holding elections in 2023.
But witnesses say the reality on the ground could not be more different.
Former soldier Kuang Thu Win, 32, defected from his post in December, taking his wife and 2-month-old baby to safety in an undisclosed location. He told CNN he felt "shameful for being a soldier."
Kuang Thu Win said that once a town or village is labeled as "an enemy," then everything or everyone in that location is treated as such. "During fighting, they would assume whoever they saw was enemies and shoot them," he said. And if they took prisoners, he said, soldiers would "give many reasons" to kill them.
"Like the prisoners tried to escape or they tried to grab the guns, that's why they had to shoot and kill," he said.


Hidden Answers To Buy New World Coins Revealed
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The Unexposed Secret Of Buy Archeage Gold
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How To Watch James vs Dulorme Live Stream Online
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How To Watch James vs Dulorme Live Stream Online
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sportsextremworld/posts/112418483781743
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There will be a manifestation of the realm in which we live when the world will become a more positive place to reside. When the world does manifest itself people will look to the person in charge and wonder why he has come into power. There will be only one explanation. There was a ruler of facets whom could look to the universe and see the realm for what it was. A place of deliberate decadence that was brought forth by a being of superior intelligence. In order for that realm to have a continual renewal of corvoidance in which it can be controlled there has to be an element of manipulation. This element can bring about the most evolutionary facets of distinguishable difference from even the norm in which we live. Once the element has been completely manipulated to bring forth a new provision, then the world in which we know will alter to the point of preponderance of persuasion of the person who has set forth the dialogue of distinguishable differences, that will evidently make the mark of the seclusion, from which we all have come to now as the normal normality, we have come to expect. Once this happens we will all see the governance of governance under his control. This is to be a new proponent that will be welcome by some and resented by others. Those who resent this have their reasons as do those who look to the changes as a positive. The way you view the undeniable decadence of the new order of control will depend on your own personal placement of diligence in which you where or are placed.

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They will wonder who I am longer after I'm gone but the legend will live on. They will speak of me and ask the person was this person. For he is the person who was the person who was the person. Long live the legend. Long live the forever tale of the one peron who would conquer all and be the one undisputed ruler in all of history. The story will live forever but the man could only live his life as short as that was he definately made his mark. Threaten him if you wish for all will come to know him as their ruler. For the good and the bad their is nobody who could tell him how to live. His life was completely his own to do entirly as he wished. Lets hope he makes some good decisions.

The rulers of the world Tags: The rulers of the world

I don't claim to be the irredescent immaculation of the person bonafide to lead the world but I know I can do better than the current regimes. They have done a very poor job at solving the problems of the people. They seemed to be more worried about protecting their own power from diminishing than they do about empowering the people. Don't trust them for if they ever speak it is to condemn the opposition and to try to explain their own motives for their own benefit.

The world of unrest Tags: The world of unrest

I listen to the sound of possibilities. A possibility sounds something like a diverse assortment of different things. The noise things make brings me to a place of enjoyment and takes me back to a time when things seemed much more cut and dry. Today things seem much more complicated and confusing.The sounds of things from my childhood can make me feel like things have regressed back to the time of ease of thought and less chaotic beliefs of the world and it's current state. To forget all that I have learned would bring me to a state of simplistic existence but alas my knowledge is permanent and will remain for all of my days. To forget would bring bliss but also an ignorance of extremity that could only cause bewilderment. To be bewildered is to be confused or uncertain and this is best to be avoided. If you wish to avoid confusion look for the answers to all that leaves you with a curiosity of appeal and a question of complexity. There is no way you could ever solve all thee agonizing questions that plague your own mind. This alone can bring extreme mental unrest and will cause some people to constantly search for the answers throughout their entire life.


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