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I was the damned of them all, the verdict was in I had but only myself now to blame. I felt from the heart that the trip was all through I had lost the one fight I couldn't dam lose. I'm the damned of the damned I new from the past that this time the penalty would be life long and lasting, probably longer than any of you could ever imagine. I have imagined the worst but I knew even that was never gonna compare what was gonna dam happen. I was subject to pain and the truth was it was more probable pain than any man felt. When I felt that pain I fought the urge to give in to temptation. I had to hold in that one thing that kept me alive the secret of the world and everything hidden. I felt the tearing of skin the burning of fire but I knew if I ever damn let it go now then I had lost the battle of battles. I had to hold out as long as I could and I held out forever or as long as I should. I died with my secret even now then to die with this secret meant excruciating damn pain. I'm stronger than them I held back the truth and there wasn't' anything now or then they could do. What was the secret well you'll never dam know cause I don't think I would ever tell any of you. Not that I couldn't but I wouldn't because it's my secret and it protects all that I own and if you ever get it believe me you won't. The secret has to be earned and you fail the test to have a secret like this you have to confess and you never would. You would hold it all in until the day that you die you have your own secrets you cover with lies. If that secret comes out I  know what you would do you would look at each other and wonder the who and the what and the why but the truth is it's you, you where part of it too and if you ever admit that you would have to admit you have only yourself to blame for the state we're all in.

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