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BTS's RM & EXO's Kai join the hunt for the #1 hot trending item in Korea right now, the 'Pokémon Bread'

Even top K-Pop stars like BTS's RM and EXO's Kai have joined the hunt to "catch 'em all"!

Earlier this month manufacturer SPC Samlip Corporation re-launched an iconic convenience store product from the 1990s', the 'Pokémon Bread'! The return of the adorable snacks to convenience stores all across Korea has struck adults in their 20s and 30s, who grew up collecting the 'Pokémon Bread' as children, with major nostalgia.

In the first week of re-launch, Samlip has sold over 1.5 million 'Pokémon Bread' snacks across convenience stores throughout Korea. People are raiding convenience stores everywhere to get their hands on these 'Pokémon Bread' snacks, as well as the cute ''Pokémon' stickers that come inside each one!


This past weekend, EXO's Kai cutely shared his own progress on the search for the 'Pokémon Bread' in convenience stores near his neighborhood through Bubble.

Kai told fans,

"I just can't find it, the 'Pokémon Bread' TT. I'm gonna find one for sure tomorrow TT."

"I finally found one! I'm so excited."

"Is this a dream?"

"I searched all the convenience stores for 5 days and found one last one that was left."

"But this guy is too real-looking."

"Isn't this guy the only who is too hyper-realistic?"

"The bread is tasty, but it's not enough comfort."

For those of you who are K-Pop lovers, you know that in an idol group, each member has their own role or task. Starting from the main singer, main rapper, main dancer, until the most important thing is the leader alias leader.

The leader's position in the group is very important. That's why, Jennie from BLACKPINK once said, the biggest difficulty in the group is when they have to make decisions. Because BLACKPINK doesn't have a leader.

Although the leader position is very important, in fact being a leader in a group is not easy. This was revealed by two leaders from well-known groups, namely Suho EXO and RM BTS. In 2015, Suho was a guest on the television show Problematic Men, where RM is a regular member of the program.

At first the members talked to each other about Suho's achievements and life when he was in school. Until finally, the topic of how he joined EXO and was chosen as a leader was raised.

Initially, another member of Problematic Men, Jun Hyun Moo, asked RM about how he was chosen to be the leader of the BTS group.

“I was the first to enter the group. I also often give ideas about what kind of songs are suitable to be sung. That's why the agency may think of me as the foundation of the group, so I was appointed to be the leader," RM replied.

Hyun Moo then asked Suho the same thing. According to Suho, the reason why he was chosen to be the leader in EXO was because he was also the first member to be announced to be debuting with EXO.


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