How to make good use of Berlinlasers 650nm red laser diode module effectively?
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In any type of highly precise and clear dot indication at different work distances, not easy to reach with a simple laser pointer, it makes a better job with a Berlinlasers 650nm red laser diode module. Employed by an import 650nm red laser diode, cooperating with good cooling system inside 16mm and 26mm diameter metal housing tube, it just enables easy carrying, good thermal emitting performance in long lasting dot alignment use. 
Owing to the special use of a qualified glass coated lens and glass window, this laser diode module is bearing any harsh working occasion of moisture or dust as well. It generates high density red laser light and ultra clear red dot alignment as long as 25 meters. Once it gets freely installed distance of 3 meters, not any longer limited by long distance, high height or other hard reaching places etc, it just makes no mistake and no barrier dot alignment for all application fields.
Applications: laser marking, laser engraving, drilling system, red laser sight, laser medical therapy and high tech etc


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