You got to put yourself first
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    Don't take to much time worrying about the problems of others. work on yourself. Let yourself be who you are and don't fret over little things that might seem upsetting. Relax go with the flow. Like when some fake ass bitch gets up in my face telling me who she suppose to be. Why should I care? You want drama you want to start shit because you feeling small. You feeling slow you feel like the whole world is out to get you. Well that aian't my fault. The real probelm is you let shit get to you you expect to be better than everybody else. don't worry you be the best you you can and don't worry about what other people think. They are a bunch of phoney assholes trying to pretend their something their not. You know that. How long have you seen mother fuckers playing this game. Get over it move on you know they will never ever admit who they are. When called out they will point the finger and retaliate like you some kind of stupid bitch that is gonna fall for their shit. Well I ain't falling for it and neither should you. Fuck the stupid slow as people that try to put themselves above you. 


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