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In the IIC Institution's Innovation Council Rankings 2020-21, KIT- Kalaignarkarunanidhi Institute of Technology, one of Coimbatore's Top 10 engineering colleges in coimbatore, received the highest star rating of four. Our college being one among the best biomedical engineering colleges in Coimbatore focuses on the multidisciplinary application of engineering and natural scientific methodologies, paradigms, technologies, and devices to challenges in biology, medicine, and the life sciences. A milestone of this esteemed institution is that they have received the extension of NAAC Accreditation till 2025. The institution is proud to have received 100% acceptance in TNEA 2021 counselling and strives to make a positive effect in the world. It also takes credit as the youngest institution to be conferred with the Autonomous status.



The college stands out among the Best engineering colleges in coimbatore for the process of effective teaching and learning, its way of industry collaboration to give internships to prepare students to work as industry-ready engineers. The college motivates students and professors to take use of online courses in their fields of interest to produce outstanding research facilities to create a health-care device. Though there are a number of biomedical colleges in Coimbatore job opportunities exist in government regulatory bodies which evaluate medical device standards, as well as in industry and hospitals are assured in our institution and the most important of all for its excellent Laboratory Resources.Among the biomedical colleges in Coimbatore the labs of our institutions has the advanced equipment in the following labs : Human Physiology Laboratory, Devices and Circuits Laboratory, Integrated Circuits Laboratory, Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory, Digital Image Processing Laboratory

Through industrially relevant projects and a competitive learning environment, the college offers multiple opportunity for students to comprehend current industry experience and update their technical core knowledge. Centres of Excellence provide a variety of certificate courses to help students improve their technical skills. Biomedical engineering colleges in Coimbatore teach engineers who can design biological hypotheses which demand novel engineering solutions in the most unique multidisciplinary environment with exceptional facilities. We have has negotiated Memorandums of Understanding with renowned hospitals to provide winter and summer internships to help students improve their technical skills and prepare for professional careers.



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