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Jada Fire Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the best fire Safety Company proving the fire extinguisher service. It be must be installed for the safety of people. The complete internal and external examination is done at our industrial site. It is your duty to check the fire extinguisher before using it. 


It is advised to operate the extinguishers by the trained people. The refilling fire extinguishers has also been done in our company. Jada Fire Technologies Pvt Ltd, best Fire Alarm Supplier also provides Fire Safety Alarm, which alerts the people by giving sound during an emergency. You can 24*7 protection when are in and out of that place. 

Some people use ABC Fire Extinguishers in their residential area and for their houses, because it provides the rating with their symbol. Fire Extinguishers are of 5 types. They are A, B, C, D Fire Extinguishers. The mainly advantages of ABC Extinguishers are it easily put up the fire by their smoothing flames.

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