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A girl in the middle of nowhere has to find her way out. Time seems never to pass and as her wish of being somewhere else grows, a process of self awareness rises up. This short movie was filmed in Utah, between its dusty landscapes. Hanksville is an actual striking town where we have shot over 90% of the takes. The creepy motel, that once was called "Desert Inn" Motel, is now a "protected area" for tin-dinosaurs, pieces of art by a local man, admired by the tourists. We had the chance to meet his sister and get the permission to shoot whatever we wanted to. We have to thank all the people who helped us out and took part in this low budget film without asking anything in return. CAST: AISLINN BOWERS - LIN OTTINGER - REBECCA DE JENNIS - GUDI VAN EEKEN - THE THREE CHILDRENS: LILLIE - JORDAN - BROOKLYN WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY LUDOVICO GALLETTI & SAMI SCHINAIA D.O.P.: LUDOVICO GALLETTI SCREENPLAY BY ANDREA HERRBECK ORIGINAL SCORES / SOUND DESIGN BY MATTEO MARSON MAKE UP / COSTUME DESIGN: AISLINN BOWERS VOICE OVERS: HELEN PRYKE, TONY BOWERS SPECIAL THANKS: ANDREA BERICO-FELICE MOLITERNO-GIORGIO DOLCEMASCOLO-DON JACKSON-ANTONELLA PERILLO-MICHAEL NOURI.
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