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Directed by Jonathan Yi and Sam Goetz. MATH THE BAND will be touring in support of Andrew WK's "I Get Wet Tour" all across America this March and April. More info about the band can be found at facebook.com/maththeband Cast: Chris Cipriano, Jeff Williams, Kevin Steinhauser, Justine Mainville, Joe Gannon, James Gannon, Mary Perrino, Peter Brown Production Company: Decoupage Productions Producers: Tara Power and Joselyn Allen Assistant Director: Michael Haertlein Production Assistants: Mike Goetz and Kengo Hioki Director of Photography: Jonathan Yi Assistant Camera (Canon C300): Mary Perrino Red Epic Operator: Seth Hagenstein Editor: Sam Goetz Colorist: Colin Travers Production Designer: James Gannon Special FX: Joanna Tillman Pyrotechnic: Jeff Moratti Visual Art and Projection: Don Miller Production Sound: Matt Bryant Post Sound Design and Mix: Dan Dzula Made possible with help from Canon USA, eyepatch productions and Corwin Carroll. Thanks: Tommy Brown, Canon USA (Sophia Iguchi, Rich Eilers and Larry Thorpe), Corwin Carroll, Expand the Room (James Cole), eyepatch productions (Lynn Roer, David Zellerford, John Swofford, Moitri Ghosh, Joanne Golden, Ken Meyer), Matt Ferrin, Film Biz Recycling, Mike Goetz, Seth Hagenstein, Ben Kim, Justin Knowles, Mindcastle (Casey Warren), Robert at New Era Suits Factory Outlet, Park Slope Computers, Will Robertson, Skanska (Julia Maxwell), 2 Rector (Jimmy Rizzi and Jerry Prickett), Vimeo (Dan Hayek and Champ Ensminger), Matt Vogel, Paul Yee, Zacuto (Jens Bogehegn) Special Thanks: Chief Inspector James Lauer and FDNY Shot on a prototype Canon Cinema EOS C300 Additional explosion coverage angles shot with Red Epic and Canon XF305 After the release of "Canon EOS C300 = Awesome" (vimeo.com/jonyi/c300), Canon USA allowed me to shoot "whatever I wanted" on a newer prototype C300 in January. I wanted it to be as weird as possible, so I made this with my friend Sam and enlisted some friends. We hope you like it. GO BEHIND THE SCENES! vimeo.com/36776929
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