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Longing To Know

Purchase on Bandcamp for 5 (around $7) - https://alexroe.bandcamp.com/album/vi... Also available on: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer and Pandora. I decided a side project I could do this year would be to write an original song every month that has some strong sense of what I'm feeling or thinking about at that time, and then release them all together as an album at the end of the year. Something I miss about writing a large amount of music is that I get a very strong sense of the time and place and what was going on during its creation, so if I ever listen back to anything I've written it's like I can go back into my memories and remember things so much more vividly. As time goes on and writing music is more of a job with less moments of self discovery and learning, I thought it would be nice to give myself a project that spans the year and is something I'll be more motivated to do when I'm either working on other projects or have a bit of downtime. My music has always been somewhat of an unintended diary, and I know I'll come to appreciate that as the years go on. I hope you enjoy these songs and they'll be available to download and stream in December. Side note - I have no idea what to use for imagery for the videos so I'll just pull something I like at the time haha. Dark Souls is on the mind now! Can't wait to play Dark Souls Remastered on my Switch. Like me on Facebook - https://facebook.com/AlexRoeTaKa Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/RoeTaKa Follow me on Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/RoeTaKa Download my albums on Bandcamp - http://alexroe.bandcamp.com
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