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Slicing Time

Slicing Time ist about surfing. Surfing the Eisbach... But not in a usual way. It shows how dark urban surfing can be... Thanks to all the people who made this possible! Camera Array Operator: Matthias Uhlig, Sigfried Kuckstein Director: Jan Brockmann DP: Dennis Fritz AC: Johannes Revermann Assistant Camera Array Operator: Ralf Dahlhaus SlowMotion: Max Garhammer, Matthias Springer Technical Suport: Panasonic Deutschland, Johannes Rabe!, Panther Rental, WeissCam, Ewa Marine Music: Marc Bühler - Universal Publishing Music Berlin Production: Susi Kultau PA's: Maxi Kultau, Philip Krebs Photos by: Ralf Dahlhaus Special Thanks: FUS CREW - Thanks guys!! Your are the best of the best! Featured Rider: Tao Schirrmacher, Florian Kummer, Sebastian Klawitter, Simon Strangfeld Stadt München, Polizei München & Everybody who helped with this fantastic project! By the way, there is a making of on our Vimeo page: vimeo.com/27196048 Enjoy
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