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The Chase (2012) - 3D Animated Action Short Film

A simple hitman job. Things don't go as expected. thechaseshortfilm.com/ The Chase is an Animated Action Short Film by Clawer Films. Directed by Tomas Vergara Characters by Mauricio Galvez Music and SFX by Jay Taylor ---- My name is Tomás Vergara, a self taught 3d artist and a film nut. As for now, I’m 25. I was born in Chile and I live here. In 2011, I left my full time job in advertising to produce The Chase, my first personal project, completed in an isolated cabin in the woods. It took me 6 months to produce, but 8 in total to complete because of slow render times. My budget was US $700. If you want to contact me, drop me an email to
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Added by Bling King on Sunday, March 25, 2012
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