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JFK & The Mafia?

What "Secret Societies" and "Secret Oaths" was JFK referring to in his famous speech? What exactly did the Warren Commission mean when they said that Oswald didn't work alone? Was it a NWO plot to silence "The Last Great President?" Was Lee Harvey Oswald an MK Ultra super soldier? OR...Could facts be stranger than fiction? Do YOU think you know all there is to know about the JFK assassination? This program was released in 1993 and tells an aspect of the story that perhaps few have heard, giving an alternative point of view that I think is worth consideration. A missing piece of the puzzle that is often ignored or omitted from the "Standard" truther retelling of the events. I found this program to reveal aspects of the story that the likes of Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura won't touch and I hope to start a discussion here in comments on the subject at length. A think tank, so to speak. Hope you will participate.
Added by Bling King on Tuesday, May 29, 2012
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