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Discovery Channel - Lost Treasures of the Ancient World - Ancient Greece

Dedicated to FYROMian user "makedonphil" - when he uploaded this documentary, forgot to mention that this is a Documentary Channel production with name Lost Treasures of the Ancient World - ANCIENT GREECE. He removed these scenes where Macedonians are present like a Greek tribe. But he forgot to remove Mr. Peter Clayton speech for Philip's Greek mother language and bad accent. But also he removed the parts where was mentioned Greek culture and Greek character of Alexander's Empire. DEMOSTHENES USED THE WORD BARBARIAN FOR POLITICAL REASONS NOT FOR NATIONAL REASONS! How proffesor Stephen Muller answer this question: Doesn't Demosthenes call Philip a "barbarian"; that is, a non-Greek? Yes, he does. But beyond the fact that Demosthenes harbored a personal grudge against Philip because of the humiliation he suffered when he lost his power of speech at the Macedonian court (Aischines, On the Embassy 35), Demosthenes could call anyone he did not like a barbarian, including fellow Athenians (e.g. 21.150). The word, at least in some uses by Demosthenes and others, should be understood as a generic insult. Thus, for example, in some parts of the USA people are dubious that people from other parts are "real Americans." __________________________________________________ This is not full documentary, this is just part for Macedonia and Alexander the Great.
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