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how to REALLY let go of the past and change your life (most powerful technique)

"Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron, and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you how to release the resistance to the past and really understanding a very simple, practical technique that we can apply to then let go of the past having power over us in the present moment. " "Now the truth is most of what we experience day in and day out has to do with the conditioning of how we identify ourself and the way that we're being in the present moment. Now most of who we are being, because of this belief growing up that we are who we are based upon our past, it has tended to have more power over us in the present moment than it needs to. " "What we can really learn how to do is to let go of the burden of the past has over us now in the present moment and then realizing that when we do that, we then start to actually become the person that we prefer to be. Then the external environment can reflect that internal change that we've made. " "Now in order to do this, it's going to involve understanding how to neutralize the past that we've had. Now a lot of times, when we look at our past and we have certain memories that tend to bubble up, we can see that there are certain memories that we have that continue to have a definition that we acquired about who we are, maybe a decision that we made about how we identify ourself to be. " "Now the power of this whole video is looking at that past experience and reframing the meaning of what that meant. The way we can see it is that there's two ways of looking at what happened. There's what we perceive happened and then what actually happened. Now most of what burdens us is us and our perception about what actually happened. But what we can learn to do is to move it over and to objectively see what happened. " "Now let me give you an example. Some people may have been mistreated when they were growing up. Maybe their peers treated them a certain way. Maybe their parents treated them a certain way, whatever it might been. But that person can look at the situation and see that they were treated a certain way. " "Now there could be a story about how they were treated, a reason why it was, that they're a bad person, that they're not valuable person. All of those things, all of that dialog, is what causes the inner resistance. If instead what we do is we reframe what that meant and we just see it objectively so we could just look at it and be like, "Oh, I was treated this way. This is how I was treated," we can more objectively see it. Then it starts to take away that inner dialogue story that can have power over us. " "Now I say this because I've been through this. I went through a lot growing up between the ages of like seven to 15, to where I was treated a certain way. I didn't have any freedom. I wasn't allowed to have friends. I constantly had to work. I was always in trouble, always grounded. Because of that, there was, when I came out of that, when I was like 15 years old, all of a sudden I had my freedom again. It was like I didn't know that feeling. I had to really learn how to live in it. But for a period of time I had resistance about it because I'm like, "Why did it have to go through all this pain?" " "What I learned to do, especially more recently, was to look at it and reframe the whole situation so that it didn't have power over me. The way that I simply did that is I did recognize that maybe one of the reasons I went through all that and one of the benefits of going through that was that I was then able to transmute it in a way and it brought me closer to understanding more about all of this information that I'm sharing with you, about how to release that resistance, about how we are more than we priorly think that we were, how our mind has power over what we experience and how we can become present to the moment. All of these things I believe I wouldn't really know unless I went through a lot of the pain that I did growing up. " "I think that if we reframe the past, so instead of seeing it as the story we have about what it is, if we instead simply decide that it's something that can benefit us, even if it's learning lessons, even if it's us helping other people go through the same thing, whatever it is, just simply realizing that there could be a benefit in it. If we choose to see it from that point of view, the past then has less power over us, or we reframe it and it's actually something that benefits us in the present moment. what I encourage you to do is to look at your past and to reframe what it mean. Instead of thinking that it's something that ma- " This video is about how to release the resistance to the past to REALLY change your life
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