Zidolam N is a prescription medication that comprises three active ingredients viz., lamivudine, zidovudine, and nevirapine, and comes in the form of tablets. This medicine comes in the strength of 150mg. This medication is used in the treatment of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and helps in preventing the multiplication of the HIV virus in your body. It is supportive in reducing the amount of HIV present in your body. This medication is capable of maximizing the CD4 cell (white blood cells responsible for protecting you from the infection) count present in your body. Purchase the zidolam N 200 mg from Magicine Pharma today!    


Evertor is a prescription medication that contains the active component Everolimus available in the strength of 10mg. This medicine is helpful in the prevention of organ rejection in those patients who have undergone transplant surgery recently. This medication is supportive in regulating your body’s immune response in such a way that your body can accept the newly transplanted organ. It is capable of treating many cancers viz., breast cancer, pancreas cancer, lung cancer, and kidney cancer. You need to take this medicine as per your doctor’s prescription. This medicine can be taken with or without any meal. Some of its side effects are weakness, sinus inflammation, infection, fever, coughing, and others. Get the evertor 5 mg from Magicine Pharma now!