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  • My partner is also considering the way it would be if I launched a blog discussing some of the same issues you have dealt with here.

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  • up sleep numbers RCT complete the outreach on go up in a moment or two counts want of with each number that I check out you begin to feel more and more alert awake and aware a account of I'm you open your eyes you're there fully refreshed and energized getting ready now number one slow the call my easily and cheap she can return to your full conscious awareness number two with each number right out you feel more and more rested refreshed an integrated number three high ca2+ last number you will be fully alert number four on the next number IQ how you open your eyes your them completely alert where former energy number five wide awake take a deep   Neuroflexyn    breath and stretch I hope everyone have you enjoyed that experience the more you do it and the faster and that you relax I'm it's funny I have people that calmed all the time and they hear my voice they go oh my gosh I'm narcoleptic issues I hear your voices start to relaxing and going to sleep so is appositive thing but anyway now what a good things happen but this what I'd like to do before I open up for questions what makes us different idea shape and what I rule iced over the years is we’ve got to stop using the word   Neuroflexyn   I 18 got to stop using the word weight loss is much you can really focus on what is the size pan out what is this Insure and what is the size dress for women that would fit on your particular ideal shape for me it's always been be in a size 34 waistWornall our shirts in being able to see my belt and be able to see my shoes and Tom and I'm there that day way which I'm very fortunate 56years old I weigh the same now as a dead mice 21 but there was a period time I want free time that I was a double X a large shirt a very big star Mick I tried to hold it 34 waist on anti-consumer Bell I couldn't see my shoes and so but it’s those 10 behavior so what's in that book is what I personally had to learn change to get healthy and now thousands of people have used the techniques what we've learned I just want to reiterate.





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