Ovulation resumes while Vixea ManPlus tool is removed. During Vixea ManPlus primary months of use it can produce intervals of improved bleeding, cramping and contractions, till Vixea ManPlus frame accepts it. Rhythm technique: Not very powerful. 25% pregnancy rate. It does no longer shield towards STDs. Indicated for ladies with and who're in music with their bodies. Not indicated for girls with irregular cycles or close to menopause. Spermicidal sponge: Not very powerful. 16% pregnancy rate. It does now not shield towards STDs. It is a disk-fashioned polyurethane foam device that includes a spermicidal substance. At Vixea ManPlus equal time, it blocks Vixea ManPlus cervix stopping Vixea ManPlus sperm from encountering Vixea ManPlus egg. In women who've already been mothers it is less powerful. It can be placed up to 24 hours earlier than sexual sex, however you ought to wait 6 hours later to take away it and Vixea ManPlus sponge can't be used greater than 30 hours. Withdrawal before ejaculation: no longer very effective. 27% being pregnant price. It does now not defend towards STDs. Breastfeeding: Very inefficient. There is a notion that whilst breastfeeding women can not get pregnant. Error! Actually, even as you do now not have Vixea ManPlus duration, that may arise up to six months after transport in case you are breastfeeding, it's far difficult with a purpose to get pregnant, but after Vixea ManPlus ones six months even supposing breastfeeding you may nevertheless get pregnant. Do now not use any contraceptive method: very inefficient. 85% pregnancy price.