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  • Game Audio Source Fixator Icon


    Valve Counter-Strike Source and EA BattleField 2 auto-set the default microphone on map load, so you cant set another source as the microphone. This

  • Lyre Audio Player Icon


    ...Lyre Audio Player is an open source cross platform audio player. It supports all popular audio files (mp3,wma,aac,flac,ogg...), also support skins...

  • Ultimate PSP Audio Player Icon


    ...This is an audio player for the PSP....

  • VSyn - visual audio synthesizer Icon


    computer vision workshop project - realtime video processing and simulation of musical instruments.

  • Linnon Mire Audio Player Icon


    ...Linnon Mire Audio is an universal audio player, based on FMOD EX engine, with original interface and huge number of features. The player is compact...

  • The open audio network. Icon


    ...This projects aim is to develop an implementation of a digital audio interconnection standard such as the AES50-2005. The implementation will include...

  • Network Audio Distribution Icon


    ...A simple client-server application that permit to controll the distribution of the audio trought the lan...

  • Nokia Audio Pad Icon


    ...Nokia Audio Pad is an audio player that instantly plays back any of your MP3 AAC or WAV files instantly + retrigger & loop options. Assign sounds to...

  • Free Audio Player Icon


    Бесплатный аудиопроигрываетль основаный на BASS.DLLk

  • Audio Features Extraction Framework Icon

    Lightweight and easy for use framework for audio features extraction.

    Java framework based on jAudio feature extraction algorithms, but lightweight and easy for use. Support mp3, wav, aiff, aifc, au and snd files. Can ex

  • Pascal Audio Interfaces Icon


    ...Object Pascal implementation of common audio interfaces. Also this project features commonly used DSP algorithms and contains dozens of examples....

  • Quck Audio Recoder Icon


    Быстрая и простая запись с любого источника аудио в WAV или MP3

  • Remote Audio Control Icon


    ...The project is intend to build a client server application that will allow through network to control by client the audio playback server....

  • Cetus Audio Providers Icon


    ...Audio providers for the cetus audio library...

  • MME Audio Tools Icon
  • Japan Audio Codec (JPAC) Icon


    ...Japan Audio Codec (JPAC) is a new approach to lossless audio compression. More to come....

  • Dvd Audio Extraction Tools Icon


    ...This is a setup utility for several freeware programs used to extract the audio from a dvd, remux it, and reauthor the dvd....

  • Digital Audio Error Detection Icon


    ...Can detect digitalizing errors (like silences, saturations and identical samples) in audio files (wav). Scan audio files for statistics like the peak...

  • deAudio - Delphi audio components Icon


    ...This set of audio components will allow you to play, record, and compress audio data. It is a high-level wrapper for the Windows "Audio Compression...

  • Audio Plugin for Eclipse Icon


    ...Audio Plugin for Eclipse...

  • The Ultimate Audio Workstation Icon


    Professional Music & Sound Software for Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering Software.

  • HTTP Audio Player Icon


    ...A Webinterface based audio player backed by a Lucene Database for searching. Audio is played via the Server's Soundcard's or directly the browser...

  • LGF Audio Converter Icon


    ...LGF Audio Converter is a Open Source MIDI to MP3 converter made by Le Grand Fromage. There are some plans to add other formats to convert (such as AU...

  • Mox Audio Editor Icon


    ...An audio recorder and editor....

  • Mobile Interactive Audio Book Icon


    ...mobinaubo - mobile interactive audio book A J2ME based software with integrated scripting engine for the development of location based, interactive...

    mobinaubo - mobile interactive audio book A J2ME based software with integrated scripting engine for the development of location based, interactive audio books and games.

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