However, not all children who do not pass in one or both ears have a serenity prime. People who listen to music on earphones for long, work in heavy machinery can take precaution to avoid serenity prime due to loud noise. Ask you hearing healthcare professional to thoroughly describe your serenity prime type and its implications, so that you can make good decisions on treatment and management!

Hearing abilities worsens serenity prime  from the age of 30's till an individual reach in 80's. In some cases, childhood illnesses or ear infections can lead to low frequency serenity prime. They may also have hassle grasping a physician's advice, addressing warnings, and listening to door-bells and alarms. Depending on what kind of damage has occurred to the ear's hair cells determines whether serenity prime is of the higher or lower frequency. You may have conductive serenity prime, sensorineural serenity prime or a combination of the two.