Karma and its dominance on the will of the recipient

    People think that karma is not such a thing but i know that karma is in fact hard coded into the realm. Karma can help you or hurt you depending on who you are and what you have done. the effects of karma can be daunting if you have received a punishment or it can be very rewarding if you are receiving a reward. The realm helps those that are kind and exhibit empathy towards others. It punishes those that knowingly betray people that are unsuspecting and trusting of the betrayer. The worst thing you can be is evil and if you have evil in you the realm will make you suffer accordingly. This can be by making you look horrid or putting you into situations where you will suffer immensely. don't despair if you change your behavior to righteous acts of good you can change your fate very easily. If you change your behavior to negative behavior you can very quickly be punished.


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