Your Sarah's Blessing CBD Íl are unbalanced, so you are more likely to be inactive and critical of yourself and less self-conscious. Advanced Adaptogen Complex Extracted Remember that your thoughts and negative self-talk are colored by reduced sunlight and changing the weather – these are not your true colors. You should not shop for new clothes, cosmetics or hairstyles because of your menstrual cycle because your estrogen levels are too low to be analytical, rational, and positive. Additionally, you can retain water and feel the pain. This is not the best time to see how much you will get an exciting new look. Autumn is a very special season because it is a reflection of your overall physical and mental health. Falling brings you the spiritual lesson of engaging in good health and a healthy mind, otherwise, you will be exposed to strong winds that blow many directions, such as falling. The most important lesson of the season is to postpone any life-changing decisions until the sunset.Click Here