Bio x Keto you have to go to a party or union or something you need to lose weight quickly I suggest that you really solidly focus on cardio consistently so every day or at least three days a week and you'll drop pounds for you quickly as well as cutting back on your calorie intake a trick I use for feeling full is I would eat foods that had like a creaminess to them or bulk to them so I think I really really like green peas you don't know this already about me if I was have a book written about me it'd be called coffee and peace and possibly popcorn coffee peas in popcorn I like 

Bio x Keto frozen peas so I would eat them two different ways if I had a salty craving I would warm them up in the microwave put a little bit of butter on them and some salt and it would be like a savory meal and if I wanted something sweet I would eat them frozen with sugar on them it's actually really good but peas had this kind of filling effect I don't don't really expand in your stomach but they have like a thickness to them ice although they're a little bit healthy um you know on the healthy side and maybe not the way I was eating them but they are healthy for you they do have