AME CEE is the national level common entrance exam for admission in numerous engineering programs in the aviation sector i.e. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME), Aeronautical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. We offer up to 100% scholarship to meritorious students for motivating and encouraging them towards an aviation career.

India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for safety security & maintenance of an aircraft. Only Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is authorized to sign on Flight Released Certificate, so AME is the backbone of aviation industry. An Indian AME can do job in any airline in any country in the world.

Safety is very important issue, when it comes to aviation sector. An aircraft is made of numerous parts, engines, electrical and electronic systems etc. With time and use, parts tend to wear and tear down, thus regular inspection and maintenance of aircraft have become very necessary. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering professionals are trained to inspect an aircraft, diagnose problems, report the problems found and finally solve them.