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I'll just be coy about that. Motherfucker.

Dislikes And Likes
Don't get me started.

Your Most Fabulous Fling
Get the fuck out of here!

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Steve Perry

Favorite Books
Early out.

Your Most Wanted Pet
English Bull Terrier

General About Me
Test bio I was born in the temporary place and then we moved back to the other place from before. After awhile we moved to the next state over. Then one day we moved to the country above us on the map. We lived in the middle of this country but no! Then it was the western edge. After many years of aimless and fruitless struggle I moved back to the States before I accidentally murdered my girlfriend. I lived one year in the one state and then I moved to that other place for nine years. I had good times and close calls. And some bad news. After burning every fucking bridge in town I moved back to LA and had steady failure mingled with the occasional short lived success. For six years. In 2002 I realized that I didn't have the stones to survive in the states and crawled back to Canada. In 2004 I cleaned up. Now my whole identity is about how I stopped courting death and decided to wait for it like a good boy. In this life I couldn't seem to get high enough. But it wasn't for lack of trying. I'm hoping to get published. I want to prove that I can be a total scumbag and make it pay in the end. At any rate: please buy my fucking book.

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Aug 3rd

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