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CrazyScan for satellite DVB-tuners.
CrazyScan2 for terrestial/cable DVB-tuners.

Platform : Windows

Full supported devices:
STV090X based:
Omicom S2 PCI, TT S2-1600, Prof 7301/7500/8000, TBS 6925 V1.x & 2.x, TBS QBox2(5920), TBS QBox-CI(5980), TBS 5925.

STV0288 based:
TBS 8910, Prof 6200, TeVii S420.

Partial supported devices (no real blindscan):
STB0899 based:
TT S2-3200, S2-3600, S2-3650.

CXD2820r based:
TBS 6220, 6280, 6284

Required DLLs can be found in ReqLibs.rar
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package x86 required –

How To Usage:


* New function MISReq() – monitor InputStream ID.
* Improved and simplified polarisation switching for Prof revolution and TBS6925 V1. No more error messages from fake calls SetChannel() in log.

BLScan 1.0.0-586

* Alternative, simplified method for setup single band LNB with 22Khz switching. Use new option LOF and 22KHz instead LOF1, LOF2, LOFSW. Old options also work.
* Show SNR on console.

CrazyScan 1.0.0-586

* Show all Input Stream IDs in BlindScan results for multistream transponders.
* Select desired Input Stream before streaming.
* Improved, simplified setup for single band LNB (select LOF and 22Khz control).
* Require StreamReaderEx-BDA and newer.


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