How a Live Apartment Property Management Answering Service Handles Calls?
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apartment property management In contrast to an automated system that forces callers to select options and hold or wait to talk to somebody, a live apartment management answering service permits anyone that calls your line to communicate with an actual person at once. The experts who respond to phone calls with live answering services are trained to deal with all types of calls, text messages, and emails that apartment managers receive.


Prospective Tenants


Sometimes, people can call your line to inquire more about a vacant unit. In a situation like this, your live answering agent’s professional character will offer numerous benefits. If you have this kind of service, you will give prospective tenants an encouraging first impression of your business. You can provide your call answering agent with all the information regarding your apartment properties and their units to have all the answers they are seeking property management answering service.


Existing Tenants


A tenant may have a plumbing or electrical issue or any other problem in his/her unit and not know what to do, especially if it’s at night. This is the moment they can pick their phone and contact your answering service. The agent they are connected with will be friendly and compassionate, making sure that all the details about your tenants’ concerns are recorded correctly so that you and your staff can find solutions to them.


Appointment Scheduling


Apart from providing info, an answering service also schedules appointments for viewing vacant units. Also, when an existing tenant calls about a maintenance problem or any other issue, the call answering agent can schedule a maintenance appointment or dispatch the tenant’s call to you or any of the maintenance staff members.


What an Apartment Property Management Answering Service Can Do?


An answering service is capable of achieving so much for your business, including:


Capture Leads


Each call you receive is a chance to acquire new renters as well as increase revenue. As far as lead capture is concerned, timing is a very critical factor. An answering service will answer each call within three rings or even less, and a caller will be thrilled with the immediate personal care that answering agents provide. Also, answering agents can make outbound phone calls to potential renters interested in your properties and schedule for showings using your online calendar management software.


Customized Solutions


An apartment answering service company works with you closely to generate a customized script that its agents will follow. Then, using the procedures and protocols you provide, answering agents respond to your callers’ requests just like you would have from your office.


Dispatching Services


Whether a tenant is calling with a security issue or maintenance request for a damaged light fixture or broken faucet, an answering service will dispatch the call to your on-call personnel efficiently and quickly. Employees can be contacted instantly through text, pager, email, or phone. Answering service agents can easily adjust their messaging services for any alterations in your on-call schedule.


Bilingual Customer Service


Most apartment answering service providers have staff fluent in more than one language, for instance, Spanish and English. Therefore, an answering service can assist you in expanding your reach. Also, potential renters will be confident enough in their ability to ask their questions and communicate their hopes and concerns about renting from you. When renting occurs, it becomes a win-win for everybody involved. In this diverse country, one would consider you negligent if you overlook a bilingual customer care representative’s significance.


Tips for Selecting the Best Apartment Property Management Answering Service


There is no doubt in the several benefits of hiring an answering service to take care of your apartment management phone calls. But service providers are not all the same. There could be many different providers out there. However, the best one for your business is one that has these features:


Trained and Well-Established Staff


The apartment answering service provider that’s representing your business has to be experienced and established. It should comprise a dedicated team whose priority is making sure all their answering service agents are professionally trained. When you have professionally-trained answering service agents, you, your tenants, and prospective tenants will enjoy quality apartment answering services that are always consistent irrespective of when the call is made.  Any company that invests its resources in quality training of its workers understands the training’s advantages to its business/customers. Professional training must include the correct telephone etiquette and know how to deal with difficult callers and situations.


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