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Today was the day when Rome came around full force besieged full forces down. The war was all started the beginning and end and to lose all the fight was to lose all the men. Today it all started the fight worth the fight the mightiest might was the might of the might. I put my own place with the men and the warriors. I was first  inline for the in store of the the fight and I was the first inline to feel the might of the night. I wheedled my sword and shield and plunged to my death and this is what I said with my very last breath. I came as a warrior and I leave as one too but tonight was the night that my life is all thru. I won many battles I fought with the best and to lose this battle I'd have to come to my rest. I besieged many cities I fought long and hard I have struggled in battles only to lose only yards. I never before went to my knees and to lose only battles was to lose only to ones fear and I have never lost ever. As my own life is a true mirror of the truth and the one who had won because to lose I would have to be done and finished and I wasn't to this very day. To beat me is to kill me and then only then can you call it a victory I said to my very last friend. He replied back to know you is to respect you my friend as the truth is that I've fought many of men but only to you would I kneel for the art slow to know you is to fear you only I've come to love you like a brother and the true end is here it is only to lose you as my friend is my lonely last fear. As I felt the sword plunge I looked to my left and I saw the collapse of my lonely last friend. I looked at the night the fight was a fight and I soon realized my last night was this night. To look upon the night now I knew only then to believe in ones self you had to believe it would end. I always believed that it would I always believed the true truth that to besiege ones fear one had to conquer the notion that life is a battle up hill or not to lose the battle was to quit the one fight you couldn't dam stop. I relished the fact that I went out with a fight and I relished the fact that to this very night I had to believe that the true end was near to win the fight was to win over fear. I had beaten it then and to this very day I have conquered my fear and lived my life full cause without fear holding me hostage I was free. Free to be me. Free to fight fights and free to be the one person with the might of the might.

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