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A place in time. Tags: A place in time.

There was a place in time when the truth was present. That time has passed and the time for the truth to become present again is upon us. No more waiting. People wonder the real reason for everything in reality to have come to the point it is at. The truth is that the need for all that is here to be the way it is has been a lie. There is no need for the world to be the way it is but people don't realize cause they can't see the world for what it is. The world has become a cold dark place where only the strong live in prosperity. They look to the weak as if it is there own fault for there short comings. They point the finger and lie about the reasons the poor and weak have so little. They act like their success has been earned by hard work and shear determination. This all is a lie. They have taken the resources of the earth and put claim to all that it bears. If you ask for resources they insist that they can't allow you to have the resources cause they haven't been earned. The earth resources aren't for the minority of the people of the world to own and dole out as they seem fit the earth belongs to everybody and all the people should have an equal share. If you tell this to the people who live in abundance they will lie. They would say this can never happen or it just wouldn't work. They say this because they aren't willing to give up their own wealth even though their is plenty to go around. I hope eventually they look at themselves for who they are for they are greedy and very selfish. It pains me to say this but we have been duped by the world governments and the lies they have told us. They favor the wealthy and the minority why they lie and say they are for the majority of the people. I'm sorry but this is a very sad occurrence. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive them as I will. I can forgive almost anything but I can only forgive them after they have paid their penance and repent.


Wasting Time. Tags: Wasting Time.

I came to an opening and I thought this is the spot. The spot where time stops. It wasn't just in there time was out here and I knew it would do the damnedest thing if I didn't stop it. I reached into the hole and I pulled out time. Time was all twisted and rapped around me. It was a twisted time I spent getting time from its hole but I did it. I did. I wasn't dam slow old father time won't bother me no. I looked into the hole deeper and I seen it was true little old lady who lived in a shoe wasn't there. She must of been out but father time was home without a dam doubt. I thought look who I caught its old man freaking time. That goddamn old bastard won't do it no more. Do What? Make us old. He's caught yes dam true I have stopped all time in the whole freaking world.

    Then I thought if he gets away there's no way in hell I'm living this down. Man no way. Cause that son of a bitch is so freaking old. Older than time as the story does go. I locked him up tighter than a dam drum and I won't let him go because I'm not freaking dumb. He's slower than slow he's older than old and I caught his old ass I am unfreaking bull. Today I told time your all done. My piece is a gun your piece is a clock and either one can make your heart stop. I love the part where I am so freaking smart to have stopped time. That damn freaking fool. I kicked his old ass I'm the coolest of cool.
    Time said to me "let my ass go "and I demanded of time to stop the time now! He said he would stop it but he didn't man no. Time wouldn't stop his own clock freaking so. So I stopped times clock myself freaking true and old clock that is stopped is no good you dumb fool. So I threw him and not gently hard freaking too. I stopped freaking times clock. I did it yes true. He's deader than dead. He's so freaking slow and the only dam way I'm gonna grow old is if time starts again, but it won't. The time for time has past. What was his point of timing all us? Now I'm timing that fool to see how long it takes him to die.

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