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GreenRated, L.P.
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Address     :   
965 Greentree Road Suite 405
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Phone       : (833) 468-7674
Website     : https://greenrated.org/
"With GreenRated, companies can benchmark their level of sustainable operations across all locations in the areas of Air & Health, Energy, Water, Materials, Waste Reduction, and more.
Non-experts can complete a very easy-to-use Yes-or-No Sustainability Checklist of over 130 essential practices, written in simple terms (15 words max per question) that everyone can understand. The Checklist can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.
GreenRated also helps you plan future sustainability improvements by allowing you to “wish list” practices you plan to complete, and having reminders emailed to you."
Keywords   : sustainability checklist, business plan continuity plan, pandemic preparedness, sustainability risk

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