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    I have said this before and I will say it again. To be denounced is to be ridiculed by a person for that persons own well being or social stature. I have been denounced many times but to stand for such in justice will never suffice. I have ridiculed many and to this day to my own personal dismay I have seen the turmoil it will cause another. To brainwash a person against another person is a social injustice and should never be tolerated. Throughout history it has shown to many times bring cruelty and injustice to a social class of people. I will not tolerate or should yourselves or others. To disrespect me should be to die, among the living you no longer belong because you have become something that will breed and spread to the minds of others. Do not wish to harm me by defamation thou will not tolerate this as I swear to punish those who cause me damages. As I personally abide by my own rules and wish you no harm but will respect your self image as you will respect mine.

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