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In all actual reality the realm is manifested of certain procedural procedures that come forth frequently to forthrightous forthrightenous. In the place of predicament I have found that I can properly place things in the procedural sequence unbenowst to people of the realm. In order to conflict the conflictions you have to equate the equation of equationalness in to proper equations. Very simple but also very tedious. You do this by equating the equation into percise preciseness. An example of an equation would be a placement of perdicament of a certain event in which you wish it to be. The next manifestation I could manifest is a manifestual manifestation of manifests of a sequance of certainal circumstances. Put together a sequence by asking the sequence in order to manifest itself and then tell the manifestations to happen in frequence in which they will unfold.

A lie will bring you to a conclusion of their own choosing
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There will be a moment when everything becomes clear. In that litterol second all will seem like a finalized contortion of consortium convection. When that happens you will know who is who what is what and everything about them. When this happens look at them as if who they are is who they are. Don't expect to know them for a lie will concisely bring you to a conclusion of their own choosing.

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Don't ever question the question of others. When people question people they always have a reason but those reasons are often disguised. To determine the reason for the question you must look to the foredrawn conclusion. Once discovered you can concurrently concide that the conclusion will bring them to an edulgement of enlightenment. Once you grasp what they will determine from your answer you can predict their motive and persuade them in their beliefs as to your own forlong forensic approach into their inquiries.


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