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Don't ever question the complete magnitude of servitude of several of the jurisdictions of compliant compliance. They have the right to do anything they wish but if they wish to do something they have to ask for the right to do so. If that right is denied they won't act out their desires for fear of retalation of the extreme higher being whoever that may be. In this retrospect the world is all being controled by one authoritive power. The power of prowess doesn't claim to be who they are for fear of retalation of the masses. They remain hidden due to the extreme defiance of some of the realm to their authoritive power. There are those that try to fight them but they don't have the might to overthrow such extreme forces of power. This usually results in th weaker powers being swiftly demolished. To this day they will claim to be a dorment fraction of the government of the world when in all actuality they remain in complete control. To end this reighn of power by these forces there will have to be a person or persons who know who they are and I expect that they have in fact told noone who they might be. Several suspect I am sure but knowone has definitive proof. This lack of certainty is their number one method of defense. It's hard to fight an unknown foe. As for their motivation I would suspect it is the same motivation that any ruler would have. To live long and prosper in the greatest of wealth triumph and prosperity. They have no struggles no trials no tribulations and don't ever want for a person place or thing for all of the earth is at there disposal. As for their family and friends they will dominate the earth as the rulers and kings that take what they want and live the life of plenty. As for their reighn their days are numbered their time of complete conquest is soon to be over and the world will look to a new leader to guide them through the times of crises and critical turmoil that is sure to follow throughout the years of restructure of the earth and it's resources. If you have something of great importance to you I suggest that you place it in a place that only you would know of and come back for it when it is over. There will be no time for material items and things to be gathered as you move from your place of residence to your new home which will be amongst the others who you have known throughout your life. No one will be hurt and no one wil be killed or imprisoned but your leader will demand complete compliance from each and every person on earth.


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