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Hello to everyone. I'm going to tell you a true story. First of all, I will tell you about yourself. My name is "home-alone", clearly not the real name. I am 21 years old. I'm a computer student. I live with my father and mother in Ahmedabad. Usually, I come to college at 4p: m. Occasionally my father and mother go out of the house for shopping and I become alone at home.
It was also an evening when mom and dad lived in different cities to meet their relatives outside the house. I was alone in the house and watched sexy pictures of girls on the computer. I found a large collection of pictures. All pictures were of nude girls with beautiful styles. I did not like pictures of fucks and fucks I was watching pictures and my dick was in my hand. At that time I was never a girl, and I was a virgin. When I was watching pictures of naked girls with my dick in my hand, I heard the bell sound. I went to the door by wearing clothes, who was out there. When I went out I saw a young girl begging and she asked me to help her. I asked him to come inside the house and he did this. I did not think negative about it. 
I took him to his room and asked him to sit on the chair. I asked her name. He told that his name is Komal. I asked him why he asks for begging at such an age. He told that he was from a poor family. Due to poor health, his father had died and he was so poor that his father could not be admitted to the hospital. He was the only daughter of his parents and he had no brother and now he is alone with his mother. Her mother is also of poor health. He told me that he was hungry and wanted something to eat. So I went to the kitchen to bring something. I took the bread and gave it to eat. When I went out I had turned on my computer. When I brought roti for Komal, he was watching the computer. A sexy screen saver was running on the computer.
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