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    I found myself far from where it began. I looked back to the beginning to see how far I had come. It was a long walk back to where I had started from. To turn back now was a ridiculous thought. The longer I walked the more my legs hurt. I started ahead again on a brisk pace and new that the further I went the faster it'd go. I had heard that along my way many times. I'm not sure if I even truly believed it. Did it go faster, and if so how was that possible? I would have to see for myself when I get there I guessed. To have come this far was a testament to my own resolve at least I knew that much. Many times I had wanted to quit. I wouldn't have come this far but it was just to much despair inside of me if I had to go back to my humble beginnings. I had accomplished so much as if that really mattered. What did matter was the place I had started was as uncomfortable as uncomfortable could be and I could bear the uncomfortableness no longer. I had to move onward an upward so I had thought. To move upward was a figurative thought and to me it meant to move to a more comfortable position as if this was comfortable and so it seems that the distance traveled was all in my head. For it must be because the more I traveled the more obstacles stood in my way from achieving my goal. The goal, that was the motivation. The motivation was there to help me achieve the goal but the goal once reached seemed no longer like a goal at all but more like a milestone. Alas to some day find the true treasure and what was that treasure to be. For something would motivate me upon my way, the goal so it be called I suppose was worth all the effort if it in fact it could be attained. I have for one have never been satisfied with the end results or for the journey traveled for which it was obtained. It seemed tedious to me. Far to much effort for such little reward but unbenounced to me somebody somewhere was supposedly enjoying it. For who they are I didn't know nor did I care.  I just wanted it to be over and the sooner the better.


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