Mental Illness – Physical Illness, an Opportunity to Serve?
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William LePar's spiritual source The Council offers recommendations on how to perceive disease solving problems by spiritual. Can the Council deal with what's causing mental illness? Is there a crisis of faith here?


All illnesses, whether physical or mental, are part of life's plan, according to the Council problem solving by spirituality. Create an environment where people may demonstrate their love and sympathy for that person is often the goal. In certain cases, a person's mental condition prevents them from repeating mistakes they've done several times before. We must, however, learn to view all illness, whether physical or mental, in these terms: These people are blessed and have come in to provide everyone of you the chance to serve, to express your love, and to show your godliness in service to these people. Sickness, whether physical or mental, should not be seen as a punishment for the person who is suffering from it. This is not an attitude of love. For your own benefit, look at it in a productive and good light A chance to reveal whether or not your character is one of generosity or one of selfishness is presented to you. A malfunction of the body's workings is the root cause of mental sickness, much like physical disorders have a way of operation or guidelines to generate common ground. Emotional and mental sickness stem from the body's internal chemistry and how it influences all of its systems. This is the rule or law of nature that causes these circumstances.

It is important to remember that every disease, no matter what it is, is a chance for you to serve someone else and to show yourself how wonderful you truly are by doing so. Taking care of the sick is never a simple task, but keep in mind that if something is worth having, if anything is real, it will take a lot of effort. You won't always be able to achieve your spiritual goals in this lifetime, but once you do, you'll never be able to let them go. They become a permanent part of your spiritual treasure, a richness that can never be taken away from your hands spiritual problem solving.


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These personal concerns that a person has been fighting with his entire life are discussed in this conversation with William LePar's spiritual source The Council. Questioner: Can we assume that if we spend our entire lives trying to solve a certain problem on a conscious level but are unable to do so, the problem was predetermined and we cannot alter it?


"We the People" It's possible, if you've dealt with it to the best of your knowledge. A necessary experience if it couldn't be changed. Do you get what I mean?


Questioner: Yes.


"We the People" Please keep in mind that these are only broad strokes. Depending on the circumstances, varying degrees of application are made to the various outlines by different individuals. If you have an emotional problem, or a medical illness of any kind, and it persists for the rest of your life, why, you might wonder. Why? The real struggle and dealing with the situation may have been all that was required, rather than the actual fixing of the problem or the conquering of the physical difficulty or the emotional problem spiritual consoling. Do you get what I mean?


Questioner: Because they are there to learn a lesson from it.


Yes, according to the Council. Every person's life is intertwined. Separation is an illusion. You don't get to know someone just for the sake of getting to know them; there's a reason. Even if it's as basic as saying "Good morning" or engaging in idle conversation with a close friend, the exchange has a purpose and wasn't wasted.


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