Han So Hwee mother fraud
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Han So Hwee's mother accused of fraud using Han So Hwee's account

It was reported actress Han So Hwee's mother has been accused of fraud worth tens of millions of Won.

Previously on March 2nd, JTBC reported that Seoul's Bangbae Police received a file against the mother of a famous celebrity on the charges of fraud in the amount of 85 million Won ($70,489.74 USD) on February 25th. It was reported the mother borrowed 85 million Won from an acquaintance from February 2018 to September 2019, promising to pay a large amount of interest, which she ended up not paying.


YouTuber Lee Jin Ho revealed it was actress Han So Hwee's mother who got embroiled in this lawsuit. According to Han So Hwee's mother, she borrowed money into a bank account under her daughter's name, which was created when Han So Hwee was a minor and left at her hands. She said she used her daughter's bank account for a few months while hers was unavailable for transactions.

It was reported Han So Hwee's mother and the plaintiff have a dispute over the total amount that has to be repaid due to not writing a contract. Han So Hwee's mother said during her interview with YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, "It is my fault that I didn't repay borrowed money in time. I'll work hard to repay my debts without filing bankruptcy."

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time Han So Hwee's mother was embroiled in a debt collecting lawsuit. Back in July 2020, Han So Hwee said, "I learned about my mother's indebtedness after I turned 20 and I have been repaying her debt before my debut. I recently learned from debt collectors that my mother has been using my name value to borrow the money and ended up not paying back. It was my mistake thinking I could resolve the issue just by repaying her debt, which only turned out to make more victims."

Han So Hee’s Agency Responds To Reports Of Her Mother’s Debts

Han So Hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment released a statement regarding her mother’s debts.

On March 6, a YouTuber claimed that Han So Hee’s mother had been sued for fraud worth tens of millions of wons (tens of thousands of dollars). Han So Hee’s mother had used an account under Han So Hee’s name, causing the actress to be sued for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.

Previously in July 2020, Han So Hee responded to reports that her mother had borrowed money in her name. She clarified, “I was not in contact with my mother, so I learned about her debts after I turned 20.” However, before her debut, she repaid her mother’s debts to the extent she could.

She continued, “I also learned that she had put my name in the debt documents without my knowledge and that my name was involved in a debt so large that I could not handle it. I was so young at the time, and through my immature judgment, I thought that the only solution was to repay the debt in her stead. However, I think that ended up causing more victims in the end, so I apologize.”

The statement from 9ato Entertainment on March 7 is written below:

Hello. This is 9ato Entertainment.

We are giving the following explanation regarding the news of actress Han So Hee’s mother.

[Han So Hee’s] mother Ms. Shin used a bank account under Han So Hee’s name in the process of borrowing money. Ms. Shin arbitrarily opened the bank account when Han So Hee was a minor, and she used that account to borrow boney without Han So Hee’s knowledge.

Similar cases happened a few more times. There was even a case involving the forgery of a private document. Due to these series of cases, a civil trial was carried out, and the court drew a clear line that Han So Hee had nothing to do with these cases.

The Ulsan District Court’s final ruling on April 8, 2021 stated, “Money was borrowed using an account under Han So Hee’s name, but it is insufficient to acknowledge that Han So Hee is jointly responsible for the debt due to this, so there is no evidence to acknowledge [her involvement].”

We apologize for causing concern with private matters rather than an acting project. However, we are giving an additional explanation again because we are hoping that there will be no other victims in the future.

Furthermore, we are additionally revealing that Han So Hee has no plans to take responsibility for this debt. This is to block from the source the actions of [Ms. Shin] using her daughter’s name to borrow money and abusing the fact that that her daughter is a famous celebrity to borrow money.

It is true that [Han So Hee] cannot cut the moral ties between mother and daughter. She feels apologetic for people who were harmed against her will. Despite this, we hope that incidents like these will not be repeated through this strong response. Please be understanding.


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