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Anything that can happen happens because an element of completion that has taken place to bring about the elements complete corvoidance with the realm it resides. Once the fraction of completion is brought into existence and placed in the proper place the fraction brings about the life of something that has to come into effect that will bring in a corvoidance with the realm of all that has happened including the effect in which all is real and has come to be. Once the fraction joins the other fractions you have a completion and that completion is the effect of fraction of factions coming into place. Those factions are the world in which we see and the events that take place. In order for us to manipulate those factions we have to either add something or take something away. The same thing that has to occur for any change to take place any where in the universe. If the change that takes place is favorable for you to accept then you may want to leave that faction the way it is. If the change is unfavorable you may want to add something or take something away.

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