Can be me or can be you. Either or myself or yourself you relate to this story any way you want. Tags: metaphorically speakings



I was walking to the igloo when I saw her. She was a beautiful figure standing in the dawn sun. I loved her for the moment with my eyes and knew that the time passed even more slowly than I could have imagined. We where together for only a months time but I knew who she was more than I knew anybody of this planet I had met before. I told her things about myself I wouldn't share with my own soul. I felt her presence deep and strong and I knew from her own thoughts relayed through her tones and her expressions that she knew who I was more than I could ever have told her. To me she was the person that I couldn't ever have found but she was there some how and I could never have thanked him enough for what he had given me. A gift of the person who was a person I could never let go for even the thought of losing that person was to much to bare.

To this very day when I see her I feel like the two of us bonded in a way nobody could. If they ever felt what the two of us felt then they would know why I love her and the two of us part just wouldn't ever come. As strong as it was the bond could never be broken not by life not by death as god has thus spoken.

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