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 Siddha Medicine one of the ancient and traditional method of medical systems used in India. Many believe it is one of the holy medicine because in Hindu tradition, it was believed that Lord Shiva conveyed the value of Siddha medicine to his wife goddess Parvati,  from here it was passed to Nandi.




Finally Siddha Medicine Tamil was transferred from Nandi to the people. It is one in, of the powerful medicine used by us in ancient time as well as now. Nowadays this Tamil medicine is used by various health centers to cure many varieties of diseases. The main aim of this medical system is used to maintain the equilibrium among three humors.

Pulse reading, which is the techniques used to find the pulse rate for various diseases is found in Siddha Maruthuvam Tamil. There are many health centers provides Siddha medicine. The Diawin Siddha Hospital is the renowned hospital providing quality and reliable service to the patients. Looking for the cure, then reach us.


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