Metaphorical Speakings
All in Reality Removed

† † ††If you remove reality from peoples perception of themselves if you let them believe anything they want about who they are then they will start to believe things about themselves that aren't real. One of those things they will come to believe is that they are powerful beyond belief. Why is it that people come to believe this? One of the reasons people will believe they have power is they have seen what power can do and they will wish they had power so in their own mind they will come to believe that they themsleves are powerful.

Train Ride to Nowhere


Train ride we where taking places to go if we ever got† anywhere I don't even know. I rhode the train always I† never thought much but at the end of the journey when I was about to get off, I looked at the past and the stuff we'd been through and to tell you the truth I always dam knew the end of the end was upon us at last and with one final whistle I moved on from the past.

Problematic Problems

††In a world with problematic problems there will always be reasons to fight. If you do choose to fight you must first make sure the reason you are fighting is worth fighting for. You also have to be sure an outcome of victory is achievable. If you determine a victory is not a outcome that can be achieved you need to rethink your reasoning for fighting a losing battle and determine it makes no sense. If you determine a victory can be achieved then you need to calculate your expected losses. If you determine your casualities will be to great then you can manage the cause is better to be abandoned. Only If you determine victory can be achieved and casualties are mangeable then the fight is worth fighting. However if the war is out of desperation or your situation is so bad it is unbearable then no casualties should be considered to great.

Forward momentum can only be stopped by an opposite acting opposition Tags: Forward momentum can only be stopped by an opposite acting opposition

† † †

†If you are moving forward you may find yourself under great resistance from opposite acting oppositions. As this happens you will wonder the reason they have impeeded your progress. The reasons they have usually are become your goals are not aligned or opposing. When you have goals that conflict with other peoples goals you have to be exceedignly careful. They will try to move themselves forward at the fastest momentum possible impeeding your own desired goals. Some people will never concede their own goals to let you achieve yours even if it means doing something very bad. If this is the case you may find yourself in danger. If you are in danger then the best thing to do is relinquish your goal to the opposition unless you feel it is a mandatory goal that can not be relinquished due to its undue importance. Do not let your emotions get in the way.

A planet bequest of bequestions will never ask the questions

†To never ask the questions of your leaders as to how the things around us have come to be is to never have a complete understanding of how the world works. If you don't question you don't know. If you do ask and they refuse to answer you know they have something to hide. If you do ask and the answer seems unlikely and unbelievable you have the right to demand proof. If they can't prove or refuse to do so you know they have something to hide. Beware for if they are hiding something and you bequest the answer to their hidden secrets then they will become antogonistic and get angry at the inquiry.

Residual Residuals Tags: Residual Residuals

† † In a world of residual residuals there is a component that resides that can forthwittingly resemble a complacent complacement of prostuity. There will be no gains and no loss for long periods of times and then all those gains that seemed non-existant wil appear in the underlying balance. As that happens people will start to scrambble to buy up such a commodity. This will result in even further gains. If you are the holder of a residual residual do not let it go until you absolutely feel the need to do so as these commodities can result in some very large gains. You will see over time how this plays out. Starting with even a small residual can be very beneficial in periods of time that that residual becomes sought after. If you do have a residual that is highly sought after do becareful when you do decide to dispose of it as people wil stop at nothing to take advantage of your†naÔvety.


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