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Metaphorical Speakings
The road that I've travelled Tags: The road that I've travelled

Everyday I come to the same conclusion. The harder you try the faster you die. The faster you die the sooner you go and when you look back at life you'll wander the road that you took and wonder the why as to why you went the way that you did. As I wander the road I look forward with anticipation and look back with remorse. Never again the same mistakes will I make is always in my mind and all the time in my mind I look to the future. As I make the past the distant past and and struggle to make the future the destination I want it to be. My struggles are real but they seem pointless for in the end the destination is always the same. As it grows nearer I wonder what the final destination will be. How long will it be before I reach it and what consequences will be bestowed upon me for the life that I've lead.

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