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believe in who you are to become

Today is a day of reckoning and i reckon where i will be in the future. I see myself forwarding myself through time and space I believe I will arrive at a reconscillating destination. There I will openly accept the person I have become. The person is a person of compliance. The person will comply with what it is that surrounds him. With this compliance there comes a mutual understanding. Those that surround you will comply with your every beckon whim and I will comply with what it is they can give to me and also who they need me to be. I see a timeline and it is near into the future that the person will become this person of compliance. As for a date I see a seventeen with another numeral following the date it is a day of 6 to 9 for the 7 th horizon will rise and fall before the time can come. I see an october first in the time frame. On October first there is a supreme sufficient detail as to what was before and what is to come forth in the future.

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